Pay-at-the-Table is now a reality with Perkwave™ and Apple Pay™

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How it Works

Introducing the fastest way to pay your bill at a restaurant.
More efficient for the merchant. More convenient for the customer.

Dine as normal

Enjoy your meal just like you normally would and when you're ready to leave, request the check from your server.

Scan the receipt

A special QR code is printed on the bottom of your receipt. Simply scan it with the Perkwave app, or enter the 7-digit receipt code manually.

Review your check

Instantly a copy of your check is displayed on your phone. Simply review for accuracy and add a tip for the server.

Pay with your finger

Touch the Buy with Apple Pay button, press your finger to the Touch ID™ sensor and payment is complete!

Leave at your leisure

Your check is automatically closed out and your server notified. No need to sign anything and a digital receipt is delivered automatically to your phone.

Where to Use it

10,000 locations and counting...

You can use Perkwave to pay at the table at over 10,000 locations nationwide. Find the closest location from within the app.

Download Perkwave

Perkwave Pay-at-the-Table is compatible with iPhone® 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You can also download Perkwave on prior versions of iPhone. Within a few weeks, Perkwave will be adding offers & loyalty functionality which will be compatible with all iPhones.


Harbortouch POS

The Perkwave Mobile App with Pay-at-the-Table works exclusively with Harbortouch Point of Sale. Harbortouch offers integrated Point of Sale devices for the Restaurant, Bar, Nightclub, Quick Service, and Retail markets with ZERO up-front investment by the merchant. For more information on Harbortouch POS, please visit or fill out the contact form below.

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